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VMI – The Olde School SWIG Flask


While the origin of the flask dates back to the wineskin, the development of pockets in clothing in the 17th century spurred the beginning of the flask’s evolution. Making its appearance as we know it in the 18th century, the flask was initially used by gentry and gained popularity in the late 19th century when soldiers, who used it to carry their gunpowder hanging from their necks, discovered the gunpowder flask had other uses …

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Build your own


Flasks can be found everywhere nowadays with varying qualities and designs. We believe its noble heritage deserves true artistry. Olde School is excited to partner with SWIG® flasks to help you create your exclusively numbered flask — designed to your specifications and elevated to reflect your unique journey with beautiful hand-made pouches. The number is your unique membership to the SWIG club where you have the opportunity to vote for designs and share your experiences.

This classic SWIG® hip flask, customized with officially licensed Virginia Military Institute images, holds 170ml.

The Heritage Pouch

The 100% premium leather pouch is produced by a single craftsman in Scotland, who accompanies each item with a handwritten note. The pouch is entirely hand-made, from the tanning and hand stitching to the debossing of the crest.

The Tartan Pouch

Our fabric is woven in Scotland by our centuries old mill, then transformed by Isle of Skye crafts-women to fit the flask. It has a snug feel and a pleasing weight in your hand.

USA Executive Pouch

The high-end veg tan leather is ‘wet molded’ by leather artisans based in the Spanish town of Ubrique. The stitch, leather cut and molding is exact.

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