How to Measure

Six accurate measurements are needed to make a fitted custom blazer. Although not critical, it is best to take all measurements while wearing a blazer or suit coat.

Measurements 1-3 must be taken while wearing the thickest shirt (or sweater) you plan to wear under your blazer. Take time to measure properly, as the custom fabric will be cut to the specific measurements you provide.

Please remember – the measurements you provide us will be what we use to make your custom blazer, which is a unique garment made just to your specifications. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are here to help!

1: Chest

This measurement is taken around your body at the widest/broadest part of your chest. Measure high enough to go across the broadest part of your lats and shoulder blades and your breasts or pecs. Ensure the tape lays straight and flat across the back (no sagging), but allows for 2 fingers’ width inside the tape to ensure the blazer will not be too tight.

2: Jacket Waist

This is a true waist measurement, not a jeans or pant waist. To find your true waist, start from your belly button. This is where you want the height of your tape measure to be when you wrap it around your waist. Again, leave 2 fingers’ width inside the tape measure so you don’t receive a blazer you can’t button!

3: The Seat

Measure around the largest part of your buttocks. An extra inch or two won’t feel or look noticeable, but an inch too small will make your blazer unwearable.

The next 3 measurements are best taken when wearing a well-fitting blazer or jacket.

4: Shoulder Width

Measure from the end of the shoulder seam (where the sleeve is sewn into your jacket), over the top of the back all the way to the other shoulder seam.


5: Back Length

(A) Measure from the bottom of the collar to where you want the bottom of your blazer to end. It is most accurate when one hand holds the tape at the top while the rest of the tape hangs. Then the other hand holds the tape in at the small of the back

(B). The top hand then releases the tape while the other hand is holding it in place at the small of the back. The free hand then marks the correct length.

6: Sleeve Length

Measure from the top of the shoulder seam (where the sleeve meets the shoulder) to the bottom of the sleeve where you want your cuff to end. Our custom blazers have working button holes in the sleeves, which will make altering the sleeve length later difficult, so please choose the cuff length that suits your personal preference.